You Won’t Believe Where Tomi Lahren Is Going Next


Tomi Lahren, former firebrand of the Alt-Right, recently lost her show “Tomi”, which aired on The Blaze, after coming out on The View as pro-choice, and calling pro-life conservatives “hypocrites”. Many thought that this would be the end for Tomi, but to the surprise of pretty much everyone, it appears that Tomi will be getting a new show on none other than MSNBC.

After revealing her support for the pro-choice movement, Tomi has been railed by pretty much the entirety of conservative media. A source close to Tomi revealed that she is in talks with MSNBC to host her next show. This arrangement would be mutually beneficial, with MSNBC being able to capture faithful Tomi fans, while Tomi will have the ability to spread her message to those who normally would never hear it. While nothing is official yet, it is expected that an announcement will be made soon.